This 360 degree panoramic bar kicks off at 3pm with live DJs. There’s a great outside bar area and terrace and some interesting entertainment in the form of a bongo playing, Bez style bartender who gets the crowds here going until way after 7pm. This place attracts an older 25 plus crowd and is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the mountains before you ski back down into Lech. If you leave late enough the blue run back down is already bashed so it’s almost as good as the first run of the day, providing you’ve gone steady on the gluhwein that is. If you’ve over egged the pudding, ask nicely enough and the owner will bring you back down to earth on his skidoo.

Contacts: Balmalp, A-6762 Lech Am Alberg, Tel: +43 90) 5583 3312, email:

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