Hus Nr 8

At the top end of town, Hus Nr 8 is built in traditional ‘Waiser style’. There are records dating back to 1760 although no one knows how old it really is. It was passed down a family through generations as a home until 1927 when a lady called Filomena opened a small store inside the house selling cured meats and sausage, which is still open today. Next door the restaurant is like a rabbit warren with tiny wooden rooms where you can enjoy fondue by candlelight and Gluwein in china tea cups. It’s definitely worth booking here if you want to go in the evening, lunch times shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re a large group.

Contacts:Hus Nr 8, 6794 Lech am Arlberg, Lech, Tel: +43 (0)5583 33220,


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