David’s Skihutte

A smaller version of the infamous Nederhutte, this place was founded by, the owner, David’s grandfather in 1954. There’s large tables, perfect for big ski groups and waiters in lederhosen serving up the best Tyrolean Grostel in Obergurgl (a real bloke dish made of bacon, fried potatoes, meat with an egg cracked over the top) proper mountain fodder. Austrians love schnapps so make sure you try the Zirbe schnapps here which is made from pine kernels (picked straight from the trees), honey and a secret ingredient – sheer rocket fuel. It’s served across Obergurgl, but every hut makes it differently. There’s live music and a traditional dinner here every Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm. Taxi’s will take you back down to the resort or if you’re feeling brave you can take the torch lit ski route.

Contacts: David Schöpf e.U. Gaisbergweg, 25 A-6456 Obergurgl, Tel: +43 5256 6332, email: info@davidshuette.comwww.davidshuette.eu

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